Heirlooms – Lives Told, Retold, Untold, is a journey into the homes of 10 individuals whom we are extremely grateful for opening their homes and hearts to us, sharing stories that are cherished by them and now by us. Heirlooms also documents homeware and furniture that are overlooked daily objects to some, heirlooms to others, elevated to art objects by us, by enticing the viewer to isolate its lines, angles, perspectives, releasing pre-conceived knowledge of it, and reimagining what it could become.

SCENE SHANG is a lifestyle and design brand that offers home ware & furniture that combine, in new ways, contemporary with traditional, and East with West. Our philosophy stems from a desire to dig deep into our roots in an immersive search for stories within our Asian culture, which is the impetus driving our designs. Our designs are modern, relevant, and at the same time highly personal and relatable. We work with craftspeople who have devoted a lifetime to a particular expertise, and embrace a wide range of traditional materials, from bamboo to wood, stone to clay, metal to marble.


SCENE SHANG initiative supported by MCCY SG50 Celebration Fund.