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Deep-seated Connection / Valerie Loh

So for you, Valerie, what is an heirloom?

Valerie: It depends on how you define “heirloom”. It can be something that you inherit and you keep out of respect for the person who gave it to you. The other definition is that it is something you want to keep and it’s got some functional use as well.

For me an heirloom is the second meaning. It’s also got to have sentimental value. I have friends who keep their grandmothers’ old sewing machines. It may not be practical to keep them but they try their best to still use the sewing machines or convert them into a coffee table or a side table. So I guess if you treasure something enough, you try to make it functional.

I would consider the reclining chairs heirlooms because they’ve already been passed down two generations.